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  • Flow; Riffin’ With You; Produced By Big Stilt

  • Hack20142

  • Hash Adams; Time Travel; Produced By Gen80proof

  • Catherine Sylvester-Harris; The Greatest Love; Recorded By Big Stilt

  • Ez Wide Tribe; Mind I Twist :Produced by Gen80proof

  • Ez Wide Tribe; Smoking Jackets :Produced by Gen80proof

  • Hash Adams Feat. Big Stilt; Above Average Filth

  • Big Stilt Feat. Flow; Chugg or Buff :Produced By Gen80proof

  • Big Stilt; Coup de Grace :Produced By Gen80proof

  • Big Stilt; Keep on Rollin :Produced By Poo Ghees

  • Big Stilt; Family :Produced By Walter Anderson

  • Hash Adams; Stayed Tuned :Produced Gen80proof

  • 20 Responsesso far.

    1. ok bro keep up the good work!!! I LIKE THIS 🙂

    2. eric says:

      keep those bangers comin!

    3. Big Drawls says:

      Yo…I need one of these club bangers!

    4. G Money says:

      What up with those country beats?

    5. Joe says:

      #10 and #27 are my favorites The drums and guitars are hardcore. Really love the bass guitar riff in 27!

    6. Cinque says:

      I’m diggin the music CB 3, 8, 12, 22 are my favorite

    7. F.L.O.W says:

      Big Stilt’s beats are bananas, Im bout to go gorilla on one of dem tracks!!!

    8. Kerianney :) says:

      #4 & #17 sing to me. LOVE THEM! Keep the talent coming!!

    9. LRNBCRcvpKl says:

      287854 228608Interesting, but not ideal. Are you going to write more? 22708

    10. BennyKulka8 says:

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    11. Kavork says:

      Greatness for our Era…Thankyou for this NEW sound to bless of with!!! EZ Wide Tribe is niceee yo!

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